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What makes our school different

We are part of the largest international network of schools in the world, the AEFE, known for its quality of curriculum and teaching.

Welcome !

The French School of Lusaka supports students of diverse backgrounds to reach their intellectual, physical and creative potential in a caring environment.


We asked the parents and children themselves about what they love the most about the Lycée Français of Lusaka – see what they have to say.

Lycée français of Lusaka

Welcome !

The Lycée Français of Lusaka (LFL) supports students of diverse backgrounds to reach their intellectual, physical and creative potential, in a caring environment.

The school is unique in more ways than one – established in 1980, it is the only French school in Zambia. However, we cater to just over 20 nationalities, who are inspired by the excellence in teaching and learning. Our purpose is to inspire and nurture every student in a welcoming, bilingual environment so that they flourish intellectually and personally. 

The Lycée Français of Lusaka offers classes from nursery (min. 2 yrs of age) through high school. Classes are taught in English and in French, as native languages; the teachers place a special and continual emphasis on language. Our teaching staff, just like our students, are diverse, including French, Zambians, and other nationalities. 

The school follows the internationally renowned French curriculum, and our students are fully transferable in over 550 schools worldwide. The associated diploma, namely the French Baccalauréat, is widely recognized by universities globally. The Lycée Français of Lusaka is also a member of the Independent Schools Association of Zambia.

In addition to excellence in class standards, the school offers after-school activities in English and French. Our current location behind the Alliance Française offers a unique access to cultural attractions, whether it be the library, art expositions or music. Our partnerships with local sports facilities ensure a wide variety of physical development as well. 

Our school welcomes children from ages 2 to 18.






What makes Lycée Français of Lusaka different

The Lycée Français of Lusaka is part of the largest international network of schools in the world with over 550 establishments in 139 countries. Being part of the AEFE network is more that just a title: it attests of the quality of curriculum and teaching, as french teaching establishments abroad have an international reputation for the quality of their education. Accreditation also allows schools and their staff, whether teachers seconded by the French government or locally recruited teachers, to access training. Accredited schools are subject to regular monitoring to ensure that the principles and criteria of accreditation are followed. 

Using both traditional and modern teaching methods, the standard of French education is highly regarded worldwide. Students are encouraged to think independently, critically and challenge assumptions. Alongside its excellent grounding in the three R’s (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic), French education places an emphasis on music, reading, drama and learning about heritage, recognizing the importance that these have not only in developing creativity, but also further honing their critical skills. Finally, the French system remains true to the humanist values:  tolerance, freedom of thought, equal opportunities, intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, gender equality…

The French curriculum puts a special emphasis to the early years – it is one of the major assets of the French educational system. These years, from 2 to 5, provide the basis for the children’s personal and social development, increase self-confidence and develop a real taste for learning.
Every moment spent in the classroom is an opportunity to allow pupils to express their opinions or needs, to ask questions, give their point of view and take an interest in what others say.  Through play in particular, they discover letters, learn to handle syllables and phonemes and have regular opportunities to speak, children are taught to understand and use increasingly sophisticated oral language.

Did you know ?

→   French is one of the most spoken languages in the world

→   62% of french speakers live in Africa

→   French is one of the official languages of the SADC, African Union and United Nations, to name a few

→   France is the only country in the world who runs its national education system abroad


Learn more about the Lycée Français of Lusaka and its from the parents and children themselves

It is with big pleasure that we watch how our kid grows up surrounded with joy and happiness at LFL.

The French school, brings me back to a better time, when I was young.

French School Team, thank you for your overwhelming support .

LFL is a school with a big heart.

Danilo, parent of CP student

Our daughter is now in middle school, 6th grade. The class has 10 kids and is led by a team of experienced and passionate teachers! This really allows for quality teaching, tailored to each child.

Karol, parent of 6ème student

Glad to have found an accredited French school in Lusaka, as a French expatriate family we want to make sure our children, no matter where they are, master their mother tongue.

The Lycée Français of Lusaka is the only school that can offer that to french-speaking families.

Raphaël, parent of GS and CE2 students

Your children deserve the best education, preparing them for a multilingual and multicultural world.